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Save money by booking building and pest inspections together

25 Apr 2019 | Kourosh A

Having a thorough building inspection completed before you proceed with the sale or purchase of a home is imperative - but it can be costly. One simple way to save money on your property inspection is to have your building inspection and pest inspection done in unison. This saves time and money for all parties involved - sellers, buyers and inspectors alike.

Why are building inspections so important?

For the peace of mind of both vendors and buyers, building inspections are essential in determining whether a home is worth selling or purchasing at a given price. The main purposes of a building inspection are to:

• Identify any structural issues in a building
• Ensure any necessary repairs are made quickly
• Verify the true value of the property
• Determine the best maintenance practices for the property

Why are pest inspections so important?

While standard building inspections may also involve basic termite inspections, it is also important to ensure a full pest inspection is conducted prior to purchase. Buyers can request a full pest inspection to identify any wood decay fungi, mould, borer or other pest issues in the home. Standard building inspections only look for termite damage - they cannot determine if termites still exist in or near the property. A full pest inspection can bring peace of mind to buyers and vendors that there is no termite or other pest activity to worry about.

A combined building and pest inspection offers excellent value for customers. Just make sure you choose a fully qualified inspector who is well-trained in both building and pest inspections.